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Welcome to ICTQ Pharm

Who Is ICTQ Pharm?

ICTQ Pharm is an E.S.C (Egyptian Shareholding Company) founded and established in 2019, according to followed laws for companies’ establishments by the Egyptian Ministry of Investment.

The company is located in 4 Shaheen Sq. Agouza, Giza, Egypt.

Purpose Of ICTQ Pharm Establishment

Since all industrial or service-providing institutions, whether it was public sector or private sector, now have a sole purpose of providing a unique product or service complying with the regulated quality standards in order to satisfy their customers and achieve capability for constant improvement and accordingly stability and competition in the specified market.

It became essential for such institutions to be established with compliance to regulated quality systems, hence they need trustworthy partner to achieve this goal.

From this point, ICTQ Pharm has been established to be the first Egyptian Shareholding Company specialized in founding, reviewing, documenting and monitoring quality systems in each institution, then providing a full training up to the point of achieving the certificate or license of the targeted quality system.

Leadership Word

Dear Partners,

It’s a pleasure to present our best from a distinctive and well-organized thoughts, strong experiences and respectful principles of work, which all have been band together to form ICTQ Pharm team work, as they’re considered by the company to be its essence. Since the nature of the company’s work is based on analyzing, evaluating, putting the systems and the measurable controlling methods for different work environment hence, establish the targeted quality system that requires academic expertise within qualified personnel skillful to resolve issues and cooperate with teams work. In addition, they able to make it a positive, interactive and flexible environment that is eventually capable of applying quality systems’ regulations, and this is the actual competency of our company’s team to achieve success, competition advantage and stability of our customers’ investments.

ICTQ Pharm’s Field Of Work

ICTQ Pharm is specialized in the first place in providing professional quality consultations in the field of pharmaceutical and drug industry, starting from biological production factories (Vaccines, Serums, Hormones, Penicillin ,β-Lactam and similar products) and biotechnological industries as Insulin production factories, in addition to pharmaceutical therapeutic production factories (Vials, ampoules syringes, eye drops, capsules…etc.) To the simplest of pharmaceutical products.

Cosmetics and healthcare industries.

 All types of food industries.

Fertilizers, chemicals and oil industries.

Hospitals and laboratories with all their services.

Institutions aiming for uniqueness and realizing managerial quality systems as Hotels, Restaurants


To lead the field of quality consultation, and accordingly establish the quality systems in Egypt, Africa and the middle east, to be the first choice for our customers and an essential partner in their business success.


Providing all solutions, issues and quality systems based on integrated studies and effective, applicable, measurable, and scalable systems through interfering with the product, service or any investment related to our customer with the sole purpose of enhancing his ability for development, uniqueness and competition.


*Contribution in improvement and positive development for institutions through spreading the culture of quality values.

 *Completion of our work in accuracy, integrity and honesty.

 *Honesty, truthfulness, frankness, transparency and respect are the fundamental ethics for communication among members inside our company or outside with partners.

*For our customer to fully believe that his business’s success is our priority.

 *Variation of ideas and their fusion between us and our customer to enhance creativity.

 *Time is priceless. Completion of our work within the timeframe is our key to success